The Harbinger and the Fountain

Dark Passages, Dark Connections

Where Le Cameleon's mechanations begin to be revealed.

Friday, September 22nd, 1815
Later in the evening, Father Souisse falls asleep in Cavindish’s waiting room after realizing that he cannot escape. He falls asleep and sees himself on a hillside, sunlight bathing the heath in a golden light. To his left is a cabin with the door ajar. Inside the cabin he feels his greatest desire is there and it scares him terribly. He reaches for his crucifix which he sees is black and twisted, then enters the cabin and is embraced in utter ecstasy and darkness. Behind him a faceless man stitches something into his head. He awakens, screaming and rushes to the mirror to find that into the back of his head an angelic rune was inscribed. He panics and calls for Rupert who arrives promptly. Rupert extends out his hand and for a moment Father Souisse feels that he is burning. Opening his eyes he sees, just for a moment the same angelic symbol in Rupert’s pupils. Then they fade away. Souisse moves to the cafeteria and begins drinking heavily. He meets Yada there who has been having a difficult day as well. Yada awoke with a blackened lotus symbol manifesting on his face like a tattoo. The little girl he saw at the fountain was there in his room and began pouting when he meditated. As his center began to return the mark faded from his face and the little girl withdrew. After the two talked and Father Souisse became thoroughly drunk and makes quite a scene but is put to bed by Yada who accosted Rupert and demanded answers, and if not answers he wants to speak to Management. Distracted by a whistling coming down the stairs he turns to find Hanli Barber dressed in travel clothes with a suitcase. He laughs at Yada trying to talk to Rupert. He tells Yada that Rupert is very much a part of the building and goes where the building goes. Yada asks Hanli where he is going and Hanli replies that he is travelling on to find the next place the Club will be in case this Club falls. When he finds the place he lights the way for the others to follow. He says Rupert is a Construct. He talked about Rupert being like a small breeze over a large meadow that, when gathered and bottled becomes a hurricane. Rupert is extremely powerful, but only within the confines of the Club itself. Hanli wishes Yada well and tells him not to travel too far from home (an obvious reference to the distances that Yada travelled in the spirit world out of his body). Hanli passes Stony Joe heading in to the club after having the same eerie dream of the cabin on the hillside. Stony Joe does not enter the cabin and watches as his hands burn themselves to ash and fall away.

Mearcair heads down to the docks and begins poking around for anything out of the ordinary. He stumbles upon a few sailors talking about a large shipment of saltpeter, a primary constituent of gunpowder, that was delivered to the Tavlin estate. Mearcair decides to head up to the Tavlin estate to poke around. He finds a few crates of saltpeter in a storage area out in the servant’s quarters. As if on cue, two armed men arrive at the servant’s quarters armed with pistols. They tell Mearcair that Lord Tavlin sent them to hunt a bird with a large scar. They see Mearcair with the scar and bring him back to be questioned by their Master. Bringing him into the house, Mearcair notices that there is feverish activity in preparation for the Winter Ball happening the following evening. The men thrust him into a darkened room where they say Lord Tavlin is waiting. Mearcair lights a small flame in the darkness and finds the room is completely covered in wrought iron. He carefully spends the night bending the bars slightly with his flame. Around daybreak, a man (presumably Lord Tavlin) speaks to Mearcair and answers some interesting questions. Tavlin refers to the dreams that are going around and says they are caused by the silkworm that escaped the Arboretum. He tells Mearcair that the undead army is coming to London to destroy the Church because, he says, “In order to rule the world we must have a world to rule.” The Templar are out to destroy the Catholic Church, apparently. The interesting fact is that Barlow and, more importantly, Sinclair, have contact with both the Templar and the Church. Tavlin comments that Morgan Sinclair and William Barlow were “tools that have been discarded.” Tavlin compares Mearcair to a canary in a cage recommending that he and his friends fly off out of London as things are going to get awfully uncomfortable. Mearcair dallies a bit longer trying to abscond with a lovely, shiny lamp that he carries halfway back to London before dropping.

Dr. Cavindish also retires early in the evening, exhausted after his pigeon boy contraption winds down. He has the same dream and, without fear, enters the building on the hillside and awakens to find angelic script carved into the back of his skull. Quickly, he springs into work in his laboratory, removing the section of skull that bears the sigil and transplants it into a laboratory specimen (#1) for further study. Cavindish uses Biopaste to close the hole in the back of his head. He determines that the rune is a “somnambulistic telekinetic phenomenon”, a physical mark placed through dream. The sigil similar to several ceremonial preparations of bodies to allow spirits to enter.

Saturday, September 23rd, 1815

Sitting around the table in the Club the investigators decide on the best strategy to tackle the problems that they will face today. Momentarily confused about the reasons Tavlin (a Templar) would be attending a party that is destined to be destroyed by Le Cameleon (someone thought to be in the Templar’s employ). They come to a realization that Le Cameleon will use the explosion to cover his tracks while making off with the last two names on the list, Lady Gwendolyn Broderick and Sir Julius Hadley. Cavindish receives a short letter from Le Cameleon stating that he would like them at the Christ Church at 5pm. Father Souisse signs the letter authorizing his use of His Majesty’s Private Cab Service. Normally taking almost 3 hours to reach Tavlin’s estate Lucien Brielle mentions that he can get them there in approximately 3 minutes. He is able to move over the entire island of Great Britain at fantastic speeds by moving the cab through an in-between place where white, ashy dust gathers on all non-living things. Father Souisse apologizes for striking Lucien and holding him in ill regard and tells Lucien that he will reward him one day. Lucien replies that he already has by allowing Lucien to serve him. Lucien brings the group within a half mile of the Tavlin Estate and Yada approaches silently. Surprisingly, a small girl approaches him (not seeing him but knowing that he is there), “Little strange man?” she asks. Yada sweeps her into the bushes and converses with her. She was sent out by Lord Tavlin to give him a message that reads, “If you trespass upon my grounds again Cavindish’s daughter will die.” Yada, armed with a Fear Grenade devised by Dr. Cavindish, decides to give the device to the little girl to place in the party area to help clear the people out of the house prior to it exploding that evening. He sees a vision of what will be, people screaming and clawing their eyes out in abject terror. He realizes that he cannot be party to such a heinous act and sends the girl on her way but not before tasking her with leaving an upstairs window open to allow them easy access to the house later if the need arises. Our Kerberans’ attention turns to Christ Church and a meeting with Le Cameleon that is most assuredly a trap.

Fate Points

  • Mearcair, 4
  • Stony Joe, 3
  • Father Souisse, 7
  • Yada, 2
  • Dr. Cavindish, 8



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