The Harbinger and the Fountain

Raiding the Nursery

Having found the Nursery our group sets about to rid the world of a Lizard


Saturday September 23rd, 1815
Standing in the destruction of what used to be the entryway to Devlin’s family estate. Stony Joe removes his large foot from the floor where it broke through. Under the floor a lockbox is found. Within the box an old book is found titled The Pole Archus. Wanting to get going back to London with all possible dispatch, Father Souisse signals for Lucien but Lucien doesn’t come. When they go investigate they find Lucien in respiratory paralysis. Dr. Cavindish opens his bag and with the speed of one of the greatest doctors in the world, manages to bring Lucien back from the brink of death. Unfortunately, the damage to Lucien’s nervous system is significant and he requires several weeks of recovery. Loading everyone into two carriages they all head back to London. Reading the highlights of the book (written in Latin) Dr. Cavindish discovers the book is about the Pole Archus, a group of people within the Catholic church responsible for investigating and, when necessary, sequestering mystical items that were making their way back to Europe after the First Crusade ends. The founding members, all Catholic priests, are listed as Jurgen Willebrandt, Herschel Gloeckner, Father Brian O’Leary, and Raymonde de la Montez.

While Dr. Cavindish is reading from this old tome Yada has a discussion with the little girl that has haunted him since his crossing through the fountain. She encourages him to heal Lucien with his power. He talks with her and, ultimately, reaches his hand out and, with a blinding flash of light (flecked with bits of jagged darkness). It is a miracle! Lucien is healed! Unfortunately, all of the plant and animals within 100 yards have been drained of their life force. It is found that the horses that pull Lucien’s carriage are a special breed that are raised at the Broderick estate.

Sunday September 24th, 1815

A brief scramble for horses later, the group reassembles and drops Lady Broderick and Sir Julius Hadley at the Club before rushing to the old Bethlem Hospital, now abandoned.

Entering through the door to which Cavindish has a key (he reminisces about his younger days briefly), opens the front door. Heading into the depths of the old hospital they enter a large room with a great round glass window in the ceiling that looks much like an eye. Victoria Cavindish is in a chair in the middle of the room wired to explode. Nearby is large and apparently deep sinkhole. Stepping forward into the room, Dr. Cavindish steps upon a pressure plate trap that threatens to blow his daughter to bits. A French Assassin with her crafty minions comes flying down from the balcony above, smacking Stony Joe repeatedly. A sound of machinery starts up, a hissing of steam and the pounding of gears. A man dressed in an iron steam-powered suit. A raging battle ensued with Le Cameleon using his paralyzing neurotoxin on the party as well. Stony Joe, enraged, sets fire to the floor, and the odd wind blowing through the area swirls the flames into a raging inferno threatening to detonate the dynamite prematurely! Cavindish races to deactivate the dynamite and rescues his daughter at the last minute while Stony Joe kicks the barrels of dynamite down the sinkhole. Yada uses every trick he can to locate Le Cameleon and (with a compel on “Inch of Dust Everywhere”) hurls a rock through his chest cavity. Le Cameleon retreats back into the shadows and regenerates swiftly. Devlin reaches into the mind of the French woman and bends her will to his own, but not before her undying loyalty to Le Cameleon makes its way into her mind as well! Realizing that the woman and the man in the iron suit were husband and wife, she uses the woman to break off their attack and they make a break for it. Devlin then orders the minions to rescue the poor, unfortunate souls in the Nursery. Mearcair sheds the neurotoxic saliva by becoming smoke, narrowly missing a trap of daggers that shoots toward him. The group makes its way toward the trapped women, hoping to pull Le Cameleon in for the coup de grace…


Fate Points for all:
Le Cameleon & Other Bad Guys: 8
Stony Joe: 1
Dr. Cavindish: 2
Yada: 0
Mearcair: 3
Devlin: 0
Souisse: 2 (after they are returned from his spellcasting)

Raiding the Nursery

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