William Barlow

A Rude Owner of a Textile Company with an interest in breeding Silkworms


A rude, belligerent man who runs his company, [[Barlow’s Weaves & Garments | Barlow’s Weaves & Garments]], like a feudal kingdom. He has a very deep interest in the breeding of silkworms. He met, on occasion, with Daniel Dufrane at The Rocky Knave.

He is in league with Dr. Morgan Sinclair. He is growing Strange species of silkworms to be used in experiments that have culminated in the ability to control people from afar. He is currently blinded (self-trauma) from a glamour cast upon him by Mearcair Gaoth. He then had his head transplanted onto an octopus body by Dr. Cavindish.

The information he gave the group can be found at the end of this adventure log.

William Barlow

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