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  • Daniel Dufrane

    The prominent nephew to the French Ambassador, he was killed down in [[Bethnal Green | Bethnal Green]] by the "Bethnal Green Butcher". A large sum of money was spent to keep his name and face out of the newspaper. He used the alias, Marcel Larante, …

  • Gregory & Wilhemina Toffin

    A couple who were friends with Tabitha Wingate, the widow of Tom Paddock. Gregory Toffin was killed by a cast iron pot flung by [[:stony-joseph-smithson | "Stony" Joseph Smithson]] after it was discovered that Mr. Toffin had killed his wife, Wilhemina …

  • Dana Nightingale

    A prostitute working out of [[The Rocky Knave | The Rocky Knave]], she is the de facto mistress of the house. She watches over the other girls and takes care of them. She is on friendly terms with [[:father-brian-o-leary | "Father" Brian O'Leary]], the …

  • Bishan Sitha

    A man who lost his left leg in the explosion at the [[Masonic Lodge | Masonic Lodge]]. He is a member of the Cult of the Munnarivippalanaka (translates to "Harbinger").

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