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For King & Country!

Malum Necessarium

It is London, 1815..

You are a member of the Kerberos Club, a gathering of individuals touched by The Strange. You have powers that put you above (and keep you separate from) your fellow man. You are one of the few who must peel back the scabs of London to reveal the festering maggots beneath. Your country needs you and shuns you at the same time.
You would do well to adhere to the guiding precepts of the Club:

  1. The End Is Nigh
  2. Distract and Obfuscate
  3. All Dues Must Be Paid On Time
  4. No Menstruating Women May be Seated On Club Grounds
  5. Proper Decorum At All Times, Failure to do so Results in Censure by Management
  6. The Effigy Must Be Put to Fire Every 3rd Moon

London Aspects

  1. The Poets Dream Darkly
  2. Our Navy is the Greatest in History
  3. Society Fancies Us Hedonists

The Harbinger and the Fountain

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