The Harbinger and the Fountain

Pieces in Motion

Where our investigators find an army of dead making their way south and a great darkness within the Church

Kerberos Club Mission Recap 10/16/13

Back at the club after the rousing explosion at the Municipal Water Works, the group interrogates the poor soul, Barnaby Grieves, who bore the intelligence of Dr. Morgan Sinclair for the last two years. He remembers fragmented memories: three shadowy, cloaked people who keep their faces covered, a man bent over a workbench screaming in frustration, a man being implanted brutally with the angelic mark with gray thread, a man convulsing on the floor, his eyes the deepest black with black tendrils shooting out of his eyes as he screams in horrendous pain, Bethany (his sweetheart) picking out produce at a market, her new man beside her. After much discussion and attempts to pull a face from his fragmented memories, he suddenly remembers seeing the face of Dr. Morgan Sinclair himself! After a composite sketch is glamoured by Mercair, Mercair remembers the face he saw in a picture found in Lady Lancastor’s luggage. The man’s name was Michael. Dr. Cavindish mentions that he has several ways to help people remember things that they would rather not but is called away rather suddenly by a letter delivered to him by Rupert

Father Souisse returns to his domicile to pray and retire for the evening. Just on the edge of falling into slumber, he has a vision: It is a simple room, a room you know instantly to be that of a Catholic priest. You see an old man, a strong man, busily moving about his room with a purpose guided by time, or a lack thereof. He throws some papers hastily into the fire and then pauses momentarily to listen out his window before making his way back to the table in the center of the room. A small glass vial awaits him. He takes the top off, smelling the contents and wrinkling his nose slightly. He slams the vial back, choking slightly, chasing it with a little wine. There is a stern knock at the door. Without hesitating he opens the door and lets the men in, men dressed in Church raiments. “Where is it?” the men ask the priest. “I could tell you I don’t know where it is but I am moments from death and I shall not imperil my soul by lying to you. The Phylactery is as empty as this vial of poison that I have drank.” The Church men make a move toward the priest who stills them when the ring he wears springs a small blade to which he holds to his throat. “Ecclesia fortis caro autem infirma” (The Church is strong but the flesh is weak), the priest says, and the Chuchmen scoff at him. “Be reasonable, Herschel,” the lead Churchman says, a voice vaguely familiar to you. The priest replies, “And to think that merely last week you called me Father Gloeckner. To what do I owe this newfound friendship?” The lead Churchman changes tone as he approaches, his voice stern, the voice of command, the voice of the Church, “What you do endangers your soul far more than a lie, Father. Why did you stay here if you know we were coming for you?” The priest wilts slightly, the poison running its course, “Why did our Lord remain in Gethsemane?” The Churchmen lunge for him at the first sight of weakness and a blade appears. Father Gloeckner thrusts himself forward upon the blade and a stillness comes over his face. His body slumps to the floor and as your vision fades you see the Churchmen lunge for the fireplace in hopes of recovering something…

Keeping his vision a secret, the next morning the group decides to check out the Lancastor estate. Posing as delivery men bearing fresh water (Lady Lancastor insists on exceptionally clean water), Mercair enters the house easily and finds a sculpture of a three headed dog cut into the bookcase behind the desk that was terribly defaced from a blunt object. He finds a leaf of paper with mild depressions signifying a note written on top of it. He also steals a ruby bedecked decanter. Heading downstairs, he pretends to be a clumsy common man and spills water upon Lady Lancastor causing quite a scene as she entertains Lord and Lady Donally and their daughter with a game of bridge. He also manages to steal her necklace.

A snap decision from the group is made to head north to check out the Old Kenslington Priory, the allotment of land that was gifted to the Kenslington family from the King of England and the Catholic Church and once owned by the Order of the Templar. They reach the small town of Hoffarth near the Priory. A vague feeling of being watched washes over everyone but nothing untoward is seen. Checking into the inn with the intent to look over the land in the much more forgiving light of day, Yada focuses upon the pebble in front of him and snoops around in spirit form. He finds a glimmering trail of the dead heading South for, no doubt, a nefarious purpose. Heading North he finds the trail begins in an ancient church located in the Priory with a virtual honeycomb of the dead below its ancient floors. Heading back he sees three forms glowing like small suns and heads back to his body spotting them as the same creatures that Barnaby Grieves saw in a fragment of his memory (he said they moved as if they were one). Heading out into the street the characters cannot see them, though Yada activates his sight again and sees one directly behind Mearcair but no one can see them in plain sight. Father Souisse becomes very French and invites the creatures for breakfast (if there indeed is anything edible at this establishment, which he doubts). Heading back into the room there is a note stuck to the wall with a dagger, driven with great strength (Stony Joe needs to remove it). There is a note saying that Scorn would like to meet them. The group writes back to give a time and a place, stapling the dagger back to the wall again. Before they can even turn around the note is taken and soon comes back from under the door. Scorn will meet them at 3am at the old church out at the Priory. Yada meditates, Souisse sleeps, Stony Joe falls asleep in a chair and crushes it and Mearcair sleeps as a raven on the roof of the inn.

Come 3am, Lucien Brielle steadfastly refuses to allow them to go without his help. He drives the group out to the old church passing over the line of dead tunneling under the ground southward. Reaching the Church they walk in and Scorn is bowed, as if in prayer, at the altar. He then pitches them an insane and yet, oddly compelling, mission to rescue a child. The parents, despairing at the loss of their son, called out to any supernatural ears that would be listening and Scorn responded. Entering into an agreement with Scorn, the demon realized that he would be unable to complete the contract but that he could make an enemy of his, Lord Orinth, the Pinekiller, look foolish if he could get the child back away from him. He offers the party the option of rescuing the child (who he insists is not evil) and sweetens the deal by dangling information that would allow Mercair to draw closer to exacting vengeance against the Demon of the Air. Mearcair asks Scorn to prove his veracity and Scorn produces a snow globe depicting the brutal dispatching of three beautiful little swans who perish with the horrific screams of terrified children. Stony Joe, a heart as big as his hands, also decides to stubbornly pursue the child’s rescue despite the logical arguments to the contrary. Scorn relates the tale of his misfortune at the hands of Lord Orinth that involved a young romantic couple that he was to split up, allowing his employer to slip in with the little princess (this happened somewhere in the east). Orinth kidnapped Scorn’s employer and took him back to the Fae invalidating the contract. Scorn told everyone that he was living then on “credit” and really needed the payoff. It cost him lots of time. A brief fight breaks out as Yada strikes Scorn across the brow with his staff. Mearcair places himself in front of the Demon and prevents Yada from continuing to beat the sneaky thing. A tentative agreement is arrived concerning the return of the child to his parents in return for his help with Mearcair’s quest of vengeance (one part of three, Scorn says).

The group heads back to London and retires that night. Souisse convinces Yada to come with him to mass on that Sunday. Yada agrees politely. The Cardinal makes a rare appearance this morning to speak briefly. As he speaks in the light of day Souisse recognizes him from his vision with the German priest, Herschel Gloeckner. Yada decides to idly switch over his vision in this most holy of places and is greeted with the most horrific sight he has ever seen. Something horrible…something terrible…something that knows him.

Declarations of the Fairie Lands:

1) Merciless Ming, an opium dealer known by Stony Joe (given his propensity to protect the innocent I would imagine the relationship is slightly antagonistic!)
2) The Fairie Carnival is here in 5 days! The Fae all drop their roles for a little and become another. It is this that will allow the players to step into the Fay without being instantly detected and consumed.
3) Lord Orinth, the Pinekiller, has a lieutenant that has been plotting his overthrow for many centuries and has decided to use humans in his dastardly plans.
4) Mercair has a contact that specializes in ferrying people and things across the Veil that separates their world from ours.



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