The Harbinger and the Fountain

Still More Fires

The first stop is to the Masonic Lodge to see if the characters can get an audience with Lord Henry Tavlin. Getting all of his societal ducks in a row, Dr. Cavindish arranges for an entry into the Brotherhood of the Masons. Yada accompanies him and finds a disturbing number of spirits hanging out in the area but also a number of flesh husks that are being ridden by spirits. A man standing in the middle of the room checks his watch, counting the seconds as they pass suddenly explodes and turns the well appointed waiting area into a nightmare. Yada awakens from his dream vision as he sees Dr. Cavindish heading into the front of the building again, the man with the watch heading in right behind him. Yada feels the tugging of fate at his heels and knows that the explosion is supposed to happen but despite this he tries to save as many people as he can. As he does so he feels the tweaking of fate changing. As he attends to victims of the bombing he rolls over one man with a leg completely blown off and he stares up at Yada in horror, “You knew this would happen! You are the dark one! You are the one that comes every 1,000 years!” The man whose name and affiliation remains a mystery is quickly silenced by a whopping dose of pain medication administered rapidly by Dr. Cavindish. The man is quickly taken back to the good doctor’s Island room and his wounds are tended. Though it is possible to rouse the man, medically it is risky and so Dr. Cavindish and Yada both decide to let the man convalesce. Upon his back is tattooed the stone from the cavern back at the monastery where Yada grew up. Mearcair picks up the watch the man was holding that appears untouched in the explosion. It feels a little lighter than it should be…

Heading next to Bethlam Hospital, Dr. Cavindish meets up with some of his colleagues to hob knob about cases and to catch up on current events. Noticing that there was a lot of security there that day the other doctors respond to Cavindish and say that there was a man who escaped the hospital and has set everyone on edge. One of the doctors has a newspaper article about the escape and Cavindish recognizes one of his concoctions that will help zombify a corpse but can also be used to induce a violent fugue state when aerosolized. The mad man that escaped, Walter Lyons, used the diversion to enact his escape.

The group then goes to meet Timothy Edgehill, a man who had survived a trip to the Twilight Lands and returned to tell about it. Timothy had been undergoing Hydrotherapy and his feet were badly ulcerated from being wet constantly. Aside from being quite mad, Timothy mentioned that his brother, Edgar, was now Captain of Lord Orinth’s guard and that he tortured Timothy badly. Timothy knows something that will be helpful to the players but wants a promise that they will kill him. Despite Timothy’s pleas that Edgar is a “bad person” now, no one really takes up the offer to kill Edgar in cold blood. Mearcair hears about the location of Timothy’s home and sets out there to collect the visage of Edgar in an attempt to trick him into giving up his information. Stony Joe, to everyone’s shock, clears up the mystery in one go. When Cavandish was the ground feed for Dr. Morgan Sinclair’s infernal machine he received the thoughts of all those hundreds of people who were implanted with an angelic symbol he also managed to project his thoughts into those people as well. As a result, Walter Lyons was able to glean large quantities of information from Dr. Cavindish and the simpleton Lyons became a genius overnight.

Stony Joe puts the fright down on Merciless Ming and, after a long string of heavily accented English, Ming agrees to part with a vial of purple fluid that he maintains will get them through the veil into the Twilight Lands.

Dr. Cavindish, excited by the idea that his thoughts had transferred to another person, was very intent on finding the Mr. Lyons. Always macabre, Cavandish fused together two dogs and a shark to create a chymical sniffing device which led the group to the dock district. Finding the warehouse empty, a trap is set off and a teratomatic gel is leaked from the ceiling that creates tumors of various shapes and sizes. Stony Joe smashes several of the glass concoctions and the combination of acids and reagents crystalizes his hands up to the elbows, turning them almost a dark, ruby red. Dr. Cavandish injects a solution into his sniffing device causing it to go insane and become incredibly strong. As Mearcair sets fire to the warehouse the horrific creation of dog and shark runs through the warehouse and dives through the wall into the Thames. Everyone beats a hasty retreat. Cavindish realizes that he will be unable to underestimate this Mr. Lyons as he has all the cunning that he himself possesses. Cavindish sends out letters to all those he does business with and entreats them not to allow purchase on credit in his name.

The major threads going on right now:
1) The missing noblewoman, feeds into a larger conspiracy. Investigating Holehaven next is likely.
2) The Missing Boy, Desmond Mooney, who was kidnapped and taken to the Twilight lands. Drugs anyone?
3) The slippery Mr. Lyons



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