The Harbinger and the Fountain

The Davids Slay a Goliath

Where our players best the Triumvirate.

Saturday 23rd, 1815

After retrieving the young couple, Lady Gwendolyn Broderick and Sir Julius Hadley, the bulk of the party heads to the estate owned by Mr. Devlin (inherited from an uncle, Thaddeus Porter, who died while Devlin was overseas in the Americas), Longshadow Glen. They send Lucien to bring word back to the Kerberos Club for Dr. Cavindish and Stony Joe to head out to Longshadow Glen. Cavindish replenishes his bag (Lucien replenishes the coach’s brandy supply) and brings the captive woman with him back out to the estate via Lucien’s special way. Lucien is then told to be ready to leave quickly out by the servant’s quarters.
Playing the civil gentleman with the woman, Dr. Cavindish tries to pry information out of her but she is too slippery. Calling in Devlin, he approaches her from behind and touches her but before he can read her she dislocates his shoulder. Cavindish begins his kind of interrogation by dosing himself with a pheromone that causes horrific fear and she tells them all of the location of the Nursery before passing out, blood streaming from her eyes and nose. Stony Joe aids in the woman’s restraint while Dr. Cavindish attends to Devlin’s wound.
Downstairs Father Souisse chaperones the young couple and gives Lady Broderick the cold shoulder for her uppity nature in defense of her use of sorcery. He takes leave of the young couple momentarily to investigate the library and finds a beautiful calf skin bible almost 300 years old. Yada, using the sight on the house, sees two very interesting things. The first is that there appears to be spirits in the stained glass windows of the Library and there appears to be a door guarded by gargoyles with ruby red glowing eyes in what appeared to be the private study. Devlin touches Yada while his sight is on and gets a sudden vision of Yada at the bottom of a black pit. At the top of the pit is a small girl smiling and laughing and throwing flowers down to him. The blackened pit is the man that walks around. Investigating further he finds the door behind a bookshelf. He looks in detail at the creatures held in the stained glass prisons and sees all manner of inhuman creatures although one seems humanlike and repeatedly flips a coin sinisterly. Then he sees the Triumvirate outside and rushes to tell everyone of their arrival.
Preparations are made quickly and a knock on the front door sounds the arrival of the Triumvirate. Yada opens the door and sees the woman standing there, her two associates no doubt close by. She demands the two young lovers, Sir Hadley and Lady Broderick. Yada inquires as to the reason why they need the people but the woman shuts him down severely, reiterating her demand. Father Souisse, in typical French fashion, begins mouthing off to her and brings the sudden realization that she “Hates to be Teased” (aspect discovered!). She lurches at him to attack and Yada manages to bring his staff up to shield the Frenchman.
What ensues is a pitched battle between the Triumvirate (and Le Cameleon too!). Stony Joe draws first blood on the leader of the Triumvirate, swinging her up into the ceiling. Seeing Stony Joe as the primary risk, the Triumvirate and Le Cameleon focus their attacks upon him. Father Souisse manages to overcome his fealty to the Church and blesses Yada with a power that flows from…elsewhere. Finally, a group effort spearheaded by Yada lays the leader of the Triumvirate low. Having jumped into the next room accidentally after having trouble adjusting to Dr. Cavindish’s superhuman speed and strength concoction, Yada leaps back into the room, throwing stones blazing with chemical fire, surrounded by faerie fire and blessed by Saint Vlad, Yada lets out a cry that shatters the crystal chandelier hanging above raining down broken glass down like rain. His fists move so fast they pulverize the shards of glass that get in the way. The blow sounds like a thunderclap and hits the woman with such force it separates her spirit from her body severing the tie with her two associates and blunting their power. Stony Joe manages to break through the floor. As Stony Joe pulls his gigantic foot up from the floor he catches sight of something in a small cubby under the floorboards…

He nipped a small sip of the brandy he always kept under the seat of his coach. Just enough to keep away the chill but not enough to make him sluggish or slow for he had long ago realized if he was to lead an honorable life that he must strive to serve the best he possibly could. The people he felt truly sorry for were those that didn’t know whether they should rule or serve. To not know what one should strive for, to reach perfection in was a hell on earth that Lucien hoped he would never know. It had been a strange few weeks with this group of gentlemen to be sure. He was sure about the good Father but not of some of the others. Some of them made him nervous but he felt that they were all men striving for a goodness even if he didn’t understand exactly what that was. Understanding was not always required of a servant. Only obedience. If only he had known that when he was younger and he might have been able to save…
A boom rang out from the house as the sounds of a violent fight were heard. He knew not what sort of creature would survive against these men he carried in his carriage but had no desire to find out. The horses reared up slightly, sweat suddenly giving sheen to their matte black coats that glittered silver in the moonlight. He readied himself for flight, steadied his nerves and told himself that much might depend on him following the orders he was given. Be prepared for flight, Father Souisse had told him. And prepared he was. Every iota of his attention was focused on the house. Every muscle in his body was like a coiled spring. With his attention drawn so wholly toward the house and the violence within he failed to notice the man-sized lizard motionless behind him on top of the carriage almost invisible in the moonlight.

Elsewhere in darkened places away from genteel eyes a man walks up the center of a church of sorts. Instead of pews there are piles of flesh that were once people but are now only husks writhing in the very ecstasy that consumed them. He approaches a large, wooden door with rusting iron reinforcements. He waits for a moment and the door begins to open. The man lowers his eyes, unwilling to meet the prophet’s face. “The Godweaver has spun us the vision!” the prophet says, its voice the sound of a thousand scuttling insect legs. The writhing mass of people stop and look up dreamily at the prophet their eyes both distant and entreating. “What sign does the Wyrm see?” the people utter in unison. The prophet takes a single step down on the stairs, his naked feet moist and glistening with slime, his flesh smacking the stone with a wet splash. “The Godweaver does not see the signs, it makes them. It is the guide post and the North Star. It is the rising sun and it is the compass. It makes the sign for others to follow.” The prophet unrolls the swath of silk above his eyeless head. There, above eye sockets occupied by silkworm larvae, the prophet shows the swath to the Faithful. It is a terrible scene where the oceans turn to blood and a great storm washes clean man from the Earth. Demons walk the land in the guise of man and harries the dwindling armies of the righteous. Great terrors swell up from deep and dark places and the sun is eclipsed by a shroud of darkness. “The End, my dears, is Nigh.” The mass of people who have merged into a carpet of man and woman, a miasma of body and flesh weep rapturously. The man raises his head to the Prophet. “I am the Demon Scorn. I will see it done.”

I am adding a new campaign aspect, “The End is Nigh”.



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