• "Stony" Joseph Smithson

    "Stony" Joseph Smithson

    A Pugilist With a Heart of Gold and Fists of Solid Stone
  • Dr. Arthur Addington Cavindish, MRS

    Dr. Arthur Addington Cavindish, MRS

    An Upstanding Member of Society, A Father, A Husband and a Monster
  • Jean-Reynard de Souisse

    Jean-Reynard de Souisse

    A French Jesuit Who Stands With the Power of The Church
  • Mearcair Gaoth

    Mearcair Gaoth

    The Mercury Wind, Guardian of Lir's Four Children
  • Yada


    Looks like the crazy old guy in Avatar who teaches the Last Airbender (Aang) about chakras. Personality mixes Aang, Yoda and the little old dude. In a fight, he's like all of them with a little Gambit thrown in for fun.