Dana Nightingale

A Woman of Easy Leasure and a Mistress of Information


A prostitute working out of The Rocky Knave, she is the de facto mistress of the house. She watches over the other girls and takes care of them. She is on friendly terms with “Father” Brian O’Leary, the owner. She is a sharp woman with a head for gathering gossip. Her ears are many, bent to the loosened post-coital lips of gentlemen in dark alleys and the doorways of Bethnal Green.

She was slain by Father Jean-Reynard de Souissein an alley behind where she worked at the mysterious behest of his Church. Her death was made to look like the work of the Bethnhal Green Butcher. You can read about her untimely demise at the hands of Father Souisse here.

Dana Nightingale

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