Lady Josephine Lancastor

A wealthy Countess whose husband was killed while on Club business


Lady Josephine Lancastor, the Countess of Brighton, resides in Bloomsbury and is a central hub of a very wide and powerful social network. She is one of the best sources of information amongst the nobility that the Kerberos Club has and was offered an Honorary Membership which she abruptly turned down. Her husband, Lord Matthew Lancastor, was a member of the Club and used his wife’s contacts extensively for the good of the Club. The relationship between the Club and Lady Lancastor has, unfortunately, soured somewhat since her husband was killed on Club business (this was complicated somewhat as not only he died but died under mysterious circumstances). She has withdrawn most of her support to the Club but will deal with individual Kerberans for her own ends. Recently she has become more aware of what the Club is doing than ever before and there is talk that she has a spy within the Club’s ranks.

First introduced to the players at the Ball at the Winston Estate here when they were there to meet with William Barlow.

Lady Josephine Lancastor

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