Samuel Bashcroft

A Stalwart Owner of a Bookstore in Bermandsey



  1. The Books Must Be Preserved
  2. Exacting to the Point of the Inane
  3. A Shrewd Businessman
  4. Bearer of the Seal
  5. Owner of Bashcroft Books & Bindings

Samuel Bashcroft is the owner of a bookstore, Bashcroft Books & Bindings, specializing in rare books and restoration (leather bindings almost exclusively). A queer old man, Bashcroft delights in restoring books to their former glory and also has quite a nose on him for locating rare texts. He serves as a librarian for many members of the Kerberos Club and will often call upon Bashcroft to locate a particularly hard to find book. Despite his passion for his business he is in dire financial straits. His small bookstore is standing in the way of a larger, more efficient Bermandsey and the polite requests he has gotten to sell his bookstore to relocate it in a part of London that suits him better have turned into veiled and overt threats. The man simply will not budge. Unknown to most, even within the Kerberos Club, is that the bookstore sits upon a powerful magical nexus. The construction of the building itself serves as a powerful ward preventing the entrance of several very nasty things into our world. Samuel is a Bearer of the Seal, a member of an organization dedicated to gathering up knowledge of the Dark Gods and keeping it safe from wandering eyes.

Samuel Bashcroft

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