The Harbinger and the Fountain

Out to Sea

Where our group forms an uneasy alliance with Le Cameleon and the young couple are kidnapped...

We open at the old Bethlem Hospital. Dr. Cavindish absconds with his daughter in tow and Stony Joe accompanies him to ensure that he and Victoria remain safe. Standing at the door to the Nursery the group sees a horrific site. Hospital beds, a dozen of them, all occupied by French women in various states of mutilation. Most of them have no legs and a few still have arms (those whose handwriting Le Cameleon appreciated) but all are maimed in some way and therefore destined to be an outcast in Victorian society. From the shadows, Le Cameleon makes a move for parley which is accepted. Le Cameleon makes an entrance with a flourish and a cloud of smoke, taking on the appearance of another Father Souisse. He sits down and offers what he knows for his freedom on the condition that he leaves England. He accepts and begins to tell the players what he knows.
He is a mercenary that works for the Templar. While working for the Templar Le Cameleon investigated them. He is dismissive of them, saying that they are fanatics and intent on taking over the world by acquiring the Phylactery (also known as the Ragnarok Equation). When Le Cameleon is speaking, Father Souisse suddenly realizes that the Phylactery and Ragnarok Equation (Phylactery being a container filled with fluid and Ragnarok being Armageddon) he realizes it is a reference to the seven vials of Revelations within the Bible. Le Cameleon says that the Templar think that the Phylactery resides within the list of people given to Le Cameleon to steal. He says they seek only to possess the Pylactery, not to use it to end the world.
He says that Dr. Morgan Sinclair is the lynchpin of what is going on. Morgan Sinclair is very close to the Cardinal Willebrandt and they have had extensive dealings. Le Cameleon says that the Templar purchased his mind controlling technology in the hopes of creating an army and paid him dearly for it. He says that Sinclair is currently setting up laboratories with Walter Lyons, the escaped mental patient who has a copy of Cavindish’s mind. He has used Walter Lyons to write a letter to Cavindish’s son, Art, luring him to London for an as yet undiscovered reason.
Le Cameleon also mentions that he knows who the mysterious D.H. is. It is a man by the name of David Housesparrow and though he is thought to be here in England somewhere he is operating under an alias and he claims not to know what the alias is (he is lying!).
The players then ask him about ways to attack the Templar. For Morgan Sinclair, he mentions the fact Sinclair and Lyons are setting up a laboratory. For Henry Tavlin Le Cameleon mentions that he knew a sorcerer in France who could step out of time for 2-3 seconds. He used him to conduct experiments (small things like teacups falling) and found that he could surprise him slightly.
Le Cameleon makes the suggestion that in the future at their various meetings he be scanned by Mr. Devlin to ensure it is him. Mentally, Le Cameleon has Devlin insert a post-hypnotic suggestion that, when a particular phrase is thought (“I’ve got my Peridot Amulet”) that Devlin will recognize the person as Le Cameleon. Because Devlin still had the loyalty from the female attacker in the Asylum (her name was Le Chat Noir, “the Black Cat”) he agrees and plants the seed within his own mind and erasing the trail leading to it.
When asked about the army of the dead Le Cameleon mentions that he doesn’t know what it is for but is likely drawn by the power of the Phylactery. He says that the Lamplighters are involved in this (Yada remembers the Clockwork man, Soloman Boothe had mentioned something about the Lamplighters that light the lamps in a different sequence every night).
Finally, he makes a counteroffer to the group. Instead of heading back to France he offers to stay in London and be a double agent feeding them information about the Templar. Mearcair makes a counteroffer himself. He knows Le Cameleon has a network in the underworld and hears rumors on the streets of London. He asks that if Le Cameleon hears anything creeping up against the players that he should let them know. As he is leaving, Le Cameleon lets the group know that the Police have witnesses that put Dr. Cavindish and Stony Joe at the scenes of two of the Churchkiller bombings. They will likely be coming for them soon.
All of the group has been awake for well over 24 hours they retire to their respective residences. Father Souisse heads back to the French Ambassador’s chapel to his cell. He goes to sleep but is awoken in the early hours by the Cardinal at the end of his bed. The Cardinal feels that Father Souisse is amidst a crisis of faith ant wishes to bring him back in the fold. He offers to tell Father Souisse answers to any questions he has. Father Souisse confronts the Cardinal about his apparently extraordinary long life. Convinced the Cardinal is a demon. The Cardinal responds that the way that one follows God’s plan sometimes requires doing things that are not considered just. He says, implying a similarity between his and Father Souisse’s situation, that often times the Shepherd of the flock will not be allowed to follow. That though he and Father Souisse are tasked with the protection of mankind’s grace that he and Father Souisse will likely not partake of Paradise.

He makes a reference to Genesis 6:3: “And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.”

The Cardinal tells Father Souisse that the quote indicates that mankind’s period of Grace with God is limited and goes on to explain that the end of the world may come AFTER mankind’s grace is removed. It is his charge, as he sees it, to usher the end of the world before mankind loses its grace. He tells Souisse that the reason the Church sent him to the Kerberos Club was that it is a group of powerful people that must be stopped if the plan of the Church is to continue. He gives Souisse an assignment to bring a letter to Rupert, the servant at the Kerberos Club. He agrees to the Cardinal’s mission. He sleeps for a little while longer then makes his way to the Club.

Upon reaching the Club, Father Souisse delivers his letter to Rupert. Rupert’s wobbly eye steadies for a moment then the paper drops from his hand, an angelic rune fading from sight as it falls. The young couple are in the entry room with Arcabius Wren. Father Souisse busies himself around the club until the other members awaken. Mearcair searches out the young couple, Lady Broderick and Julius Hadley and finds, to his immense discomfort, that they have both been taken out of the club! Rupert, slightly evasive, mentions that they were taken out approximately 45 minutes before. Devlin had the presence to give Lady Broderick a brooch that he could track her with. Sure enough, Devlin activates the brooch and finds that Lady Broderick (or at least the brooch) is on the Thames sailing Eastward out to the ocean. Grabbing Lucien (who looks slightly less chipper than he did the night before), they utilize his rapid transit ability to race east along the northern bank of the Thames until they reach Canvey Island where Mearcair knows an “associate” with a fast ship (aka Pirate Ship). Preparations are hastily made and the group is off after the kidnapped young couple in a race out into the English Channel. Dark storm clouds gather on the horizon and the water becomes choppy. Mearcair, hair pushed back from an icy wind picks out a shape in the distance. Shifting his eyes to that of a bird he sees the written on the boat bedecked with kelp. The Crimson Grail. The crewmembers move about the deck with bright red shining eyes. They turn toward the ship our group is on as if sniffing something on the wind and let out a roar that seems part lion’s roar and part pig screaming.

They have returned for vengeance.


Fate Points:
Father Souisse: 7
Mearcair: 4
Devlin: 0
Yada: 0
Stony Joe: 1
Dr. Cavindish: 2

Out to Sea

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