The Harbinger and the Fountain

Showdown in the Church

Mission Recap Kerberos Club 6/26/14

After returning from their ordeal with the Effigy, our intrepid team decides to confront the Cardinal with his sins. They make ready, noting a weight in the air. They briefly talk with Arcabius Wren, noticing that he is reading a newspaper with the title that he is slain. Yada asks if there is anything else that they can do and Arcabius replies that there are many dark days ahead but that they will have to find a way through. Yada asks him how good his predictions are and Wren replies, “How good are your eyes?” Yada replies, “It depends on how good the light is.” “Exactly,” Wren replies cryptically.

Father Souisse composes a letter to the Pope and entrusts it to Lucien to bring to the Pope personally. He writes Lucien a glowing letter of reference which Lucien pockets stoically, but obviously bristling with pride.

Heading outside the light is extremely odd. There is an odd orange and green cast to everything. Wispy, high clouds drift by overhead and show stars in them in odd constellations. A homeless man vomits into his hat, a mass of wriggling white silk worms. He is invited into the carriage by Dr. Cavindish who bottles the worms up for later study. “An offering?” the vomiting man asks.

The group arrive at the chapel attached to the French ambassador’s estate. They decide to reconsecrate the Chapel to help them drive out the Cardinal’s evil and make a circuit around the Chapel with a holly censor. Kneeling in front of one of the graves is the old woman that Yada saw around the fountain. She tells Yada that she was his keeper before he went through the fountain. The little girl is his keeper now. The little girl and the old woman seem to know each other and the little girl is very rude to her. The old woman tells Yada that he is to usher in a new age. When he asks her what sort of age it will be she tells him that it is up to him. Back around the front just before Father Souisse enters the Chapel Lucien stops him and hands him a bundle. Unwrapping the satchel reveals Father Souisse’s Bible repaired and made new.

The group enters the Chapel and find it empty apart from the Cardinal who is kneeling in prayer in front of the altar. Father Souisse approaches the Cardinal warily, expecting an attack. But no attack comes. He clears his throat in an impatient way. The Cardinal finishes his prayer before turning. Souisse confronts him with his sins and The Cardinal does not deny any of them. Yada steps forward with his staff resting in his hands, looking to Souisse to finish the Cardinal. Souisse nods and Yada draws back for a mighty blow that will lay the Cardinal low. At the last second Yada sees a tear fall from the Cardinal’s eye and realizes he cannot hit the kneeling man, villain though he may be. The Cardinal entreats them to kill him.

The Chapel doors open again and in enters Dr. Morgan Sinclair in the body of Matthew Lancastor surrounded by five little girls. “Though the old goat will not defend himself I will defend him instead!” he gloats. After a quip about capturing Sinclair and bringing him back to the club, Sinclair mentions that a sceintist is only as good as his tools and wonders what Cavindish would be able to do without his laboratory. “Let’s find out!” he grins evilly. He smacks a small glass globe down upon the floor. The Cardinal admits to bringing Sinclair into the world. Yada tells the Cardinal that if he would like to redeem himself that he should take Sinclair out of it. The Cardinal rises to do just that but Sinclair pours out a vial of luminescent green liquid upon the ground of the Chapel and the Cardinal doubles over in pain, heaving and vomits up a mass of wriggling silkworms. Sinclair laughs and says that both the Cardinal and Father Souisse have lost their states of grace. Souisse laughs but it catches in his throat when Sinclair says they both entered the cabin on the hillside and gave up their grace. Dr. Cavindish unveils a vial of pheromone that drive silkworms into a feeding frenzy. He tosses it in front of Sinclair and it vaporizes instantly. The four girls surrounding Sinclair all fall to the floor writhing in pain.

Stony Joe, having had enough of talking, storms forward. The Chapel doors slam open again and two large flesh golems are there, stitched together, screaming an inhuman bellow. Stony Joe approaches, grabs one of the girls and tosses her out through a wall in the side of the Chapel he makes with a swift jab with one of his colossal fists. Instantly the flesh golems are upon him. Cavindish summons his minions turned flesh from the stone gargoyles above. They flutter around the flesh golems and distract them but are unable to hurt the massive creatures. Yada rushes forwards to do battle with the creatures as well but decides to turn most of his attention to Sinclair. He charges a stone and hits him soundly on the thigh, spinning the evil doctor around with the force of his blow. Souisse rages at the Cardinal but cannot bring himself to hit the man. The Cardinal, under the sway of Sinclair, begins speaking words to Father Souisse that burrow into him and rip away his identity.

A fierce melee ensues. Stony Joe evades a hit from one of the flesh golems and diverts it into it’s teleporting sibling. Then he releases a flurry of blows and wrenches the flesh golem so hard that he fractures one of its arms. He slams the thing down through a stained glass window and then, just to be thorough, breaks the other arm too. Yada, with the aid of an extremely acidic fish in a small glass bubble, lays Sinclair low by charging the item and throwing it. It explodes and releases a viscious cloud of acidic vapor eating the flesh from Sinclair’s bones. It also, horrifically, eats the little girls in the area too. Yada must watch in horror as the girls’ flesh are stripped from their bones. The last flesh golem is dispatched easily without it’s inhuman masters.

The Cardinal, begging for the players to kill him and realizing they cannot, sets fire to a tapestry at his feet in the hopes that immolation will take him to his final rest. He tells them that Hanli Barber is in danger and that the forces of the Worm seek him out. The Cardinal succumbs to his immolation embracing whatever eternity awaits him.

Returning to the club they find it in ruins as if it were never there. The group stands upon the precipice of a great new adventure travelling the world and killing the demons that have entered into our world. Will they be up for the challenge?



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