The Harbinger and the Fountain

The Storm Gathers

Where the group attempts to step outside Le Cameleon's plans laid out for them

Saturday, September 23rd, 1815

Foiled again on the outskirts of the Tavlin Estate the group decides to head back to the club and deliberate on their next move. They decide to step out of the plans made for them and initiate their own action. Looking around the club for any additional help, Arcabius Wren points them in the direction of a new pledge member, a man simply named Devlin. They decide to kidnap the two noble people, Lady Gwendolyn Broderick and Sir Julius Hadley, that remain on Le Cameleon’s list. A contingent of our group, Dr. Cavindish, Mearcair and the newly acquired Club member, Devlin, head to Sir Hadley’s residence and find him there preparing for his appearance at the Winter Ball. His mother entertains the group politely. It is found that Sir Hadley is in love with Lady Gwendolyn. He has trophies of big game that he has hunted around the world and very much likes to talk about himself. It is easy, therefore, to convince Sir Hadley to come help the group rescue Lady Gwendolyn.

Stony Joe, Yada, and Father Souisse are out with Lucien destroying bridges that lead to the Tavlin estate hoping to slow down traffic to the party that will likely end with much death. Stony Joe makes quick work of the bridges and the two return. When finished, they meet up with the other group at Hadley’s estate. Yada spots one of the Triumverate watching Hadley’s estate. Father Souisse steps outside to taunt them and is answered by a knife bisecting his priceless bible in twain. He retreats to the interior of the carriage, sullen and French.

Dr. Cavindish and Stony Joe peel off to investigate the appointment at 5pm at Christ Church. They meet Rector Terrence Lee there who is an older man who prattles on, keeping Cavindish and Stony Joe busy until, with a mighty explosion, a bomb destroys Christ Church next door. The Rector tells Cavindish that a letter arrived for him and Stony Joe retrieves it:

Dearest Arthur,
I apologize for my familiarity but after the time I have spent with your daughter I feel as though I know you. She is a beautiful girl who will one day bloom into a woman who may warrant further attentions. But enough with you, on to business. It seems that there have been some very evil men who resent the Church of England. These evil men have left a little present for the penitent at Christ Church. Perhaps you should swoop in to save the day? If you are compliant your daughter will be returned to you intact. If not…perhaps you will be able to put her together again. Perhaps not.

Retrieving a metal compartment near the center of the bomb from Christ Church, a simple note contained within, “St. Anne’s, 6pm”. Another bomb! Realizing that the order of the churches is similar to the sequence detected by the Pigeon Boy used by Cavindish to try and detect his daughter, they skip ahead to St. Paul after loading Rector Terrence Lee into the carriage (with lots of grisly plans for his flesh). One of the younger priests sees Cavindish loading the Rector’s body into a carriage. Once at St. Paul, they see a carriage heading out with Le Cameleon’s “cleaning woman” who evaded Father Souisse in a carriage earlier. Cavindish heads off after the carriage (giving the horse a major stimulant resulting in it turning into a burning carcass) while Stony Joe remains behind at the Church itself trying to save those people heading in (a child’s choir is heading in to practice!). The bomb at St. Anne’s explodes with a dull boom. Stony Joe sees Cavindish squaring off against the carriage full of Le Cameleon’s people and when he has trouble keeping people from entering back into St. Paul Cathedral he KNOCKS IT DOWN! Stony Joe runs up the street and brings the melee between Cavindish (and his creepy lizard fetus minions) and the squad of people setting the bomb in St. Paul. After a protracted melee, Stony Joe brings it to a rapid closure resulting in the woman taken hostage.

Out on a remote country road the group arranges a glamoured scene of highwaymen attempting to kidnap Lady Gwendolyn. Sir Hadley is set up to ride to his fair Lady’s rescue. With the aid of Devlin and Sir Hadley’s romantic heart they retreat to a country estate owned by Devlin to arrange a makeshift marriage between the two young lovers and to dig in to await for whatever will come.



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