Crafting Basics


  • Time to make the item defaults to A Day, +1 step equal to device quality.
  • +1 time step for every point of difference between skill and quality.
  • If making a piece of Equipment, quality equals # of improvements multiplied by 2.
  • If making a device that mimics a skill, quality is skill rating + Trappings – Drawbacks. Power Tier is equal to the skill. If a device has multiple skills they all require a different roll.

Hey, all! I thought I would go into more detail with the Crafting skill, primarily for Evan’s benefit, but also for everyone’s curiosity (I’m sure you were all waiting with baited breath!). I think that Dr. Cavindish has been appropriately impressive with his Crafting things thus far but might be interested to know what else he can do with it.

The Time Table (below) is common to Fate. If you wind up failing a roll it doesn’t have to mean that you fail, it can just take longer. So if you were picking a lock that would take a few minutes and you fail your roll by 2, you could succeed if you took half an hour (two shifts down the table).

First, the Time Table:

Free Action / No Time
An Action / An Instant
A Full Action / A Few Moments
Two Rounds / Half a Minute
Three Rounds / A Minute
A Conflict / A Few Minutes
A Scene / 15 Minutes
Half an Hour
An Hour
A Few Hours
An Afternoon
A Day
A Few Days
A Week
A Few Weeks
A Month
A Season
Half a Year
A Year
A Few Years
A Decade
A Generation
A Lifetime
A Century
Five Hundred Years
A Millennium
An Eon

When you craft something the amount it takes to create the item defaults to a day. The Quality (which determines difficulty) of an item created is equal to one of two things:

  1. The number of Improvement Slots if you are emulating a piece of Equipment x 2
  2. The number of the skill if you are emulating a skill.
The Improvements List for Equipment:
  1. Aspect: Equipment gains an aspect that you can tap
  2. Deadly: Acts as a Weapon 1 for one kind of stress (adds 1 shift to a successful attack). Can’t do more than double the stress that is done by the attack. Can take up to 3 times.
  3. Well-Made: +1 bonus to 1 skill relevant to its operation chosen ahead of time. Can be taken up to 3 times. Takes 2 improvements.
  4. Empowered: Boosts power tier of a skill by one. Takes 4 improvements.
  5. Alternative Use: Lets wielder use 1 skill in place of another in limited circumstances.
  6. Protective: Grants Armor 1 against one type of stress. May be taken up to 3 times.
  7. Rugged: Adds 1 stress box to one of the owner’s stress tracks. May be taken up to 3 times.
  8. Numerous: Gives a duplicate of a previously defined piece of equipment.
  9. Essential: Allows owner to take an additional Trifling consequence. May be taken up to 2 times.

Dr. Cavindish has crafting at Ascendant, which means that once per session he can spend a Fate point to have a piece of equipment with 3 improvements that just happens to fit the bill for the evening.


Let’s say you wanted to have a piece of technology that had an aspect, was Deadly, and allowed Cavindish to fire an Ascendant level Genetic Dismantling Ray (It causes horrific tumors to sprout all over the body eventually resulting in death, mechanically it is allowing him to use his Biogenesis roll instead of Shoot). That is 3 improvement slots, meaning a Quality of 6. He would roll his Ascendant +1 Biogenesis roll to make it. This would be a hard thing to make. If he made the Genetic Dismantling Ray at the Superhuman level it would allow him to swap out for a d6, making his chances much better. But let’s say he wanted to keep it at Ascendant level and rolled a grand total of +3. That is 3 shifts lower than he needs which means he can make the thing it’s just going to take “A Few Weeks” to do (“A Day” on the Time Table moved down 3 shifts). Extra shifts attained over what is necessary can buy down the time by 1 shift on the Time Table. Or, once per session, he could spend a fate point and have it waiting in the Carriage for just such an occasion. Equipment used in this fashion does not persist and goes away at the end of the session unless Refresh or Fate points are spent.

Let’s say that he wants to have an Ascendant level Genetic Dismantling Ray that affects an entire zone. This is basically a Strike(1)Unusual(1)Range(1), making a Quality rank of Ascendant 3. He would have to roll 3 or higher to make the device in a day. If he wants to make indestructible Collagen Armor that allowed him to shoot the Genetic Dismantling Ray, Fly, and lift heavy things, there would be 3 separate rolls made to generate the skill for each segment of the Collagen Armor: one roll to make the Dismantling Ray, one roll to generate the Flying mechanism, one more to craft the Ridellian Stress Fibers that allow the wearer to lift heavy things.

The last thing is that the cost of things can be bought down by purchasing drawbacks. All items have the Flaw: Focus drawback that is worth -1. This means that the power is located in an item that can be taken/destroyed/lost. The rest of the drawbacks are on pg. 230-234 in the Kerberos Club book.

Crafting Basics

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