Stress and Consequences

Stress and damage

Here’s how stress and complications work for characters as there seemed to be some confusion about it last night. Let’s say we take a fellow with 5 physical stress boxes. Stress goes away without any treatment at the end of a scene. It looks like this:
In addition, he can take complications that will buy off stress taken in an attack. The complications are:
1) Trifling, takes -2 stress, lasts for the duration of the scene or until a character can rest.
2) Middling, takes -4 stress, lasts for the duration of the session/chapter. After that, it downgrades to a Trifling.
3) Grievous, takes -6 stress, lasts for the duration of a story.
4) Extreme, takes -8 stress, lasts for a REALLY long time. To recover from one of these you have to replace one of your aspects with an aspect that takes into account your wound.

Our guy gets into a fight and gets hit for 3 stress. You can bleed off this stress in a couple of different ways. You can take the whole thing as stress, in which case you would take three stress like so: XXXOO. You could also take a trifling consequence (Stunned) that takes care of 2 stress leaving you to mark 1 stress on your stress track like this: XOOOO. Because stress goes away at the end of a scene and if you take a complication it acts as an aspect with a free invoke, you decide to take all of the stress onto your stress track like this: XXXOO.
Next round he gets hit again for 2 stress. Because the first, second and third box are already marked off on the stress track this rolls up to the next available spot. So if you opted to take the stress all on your track it would roll up and mark off the fourth spot on your track like this: XXXXO. Some other mook hits him again for 1 stress and this moves up the track again so things look like this: XXXXX. With a fully marked stress track you are still kicking but things are going to get bad for you. Any stress you take will have to be bought off with consequences completely or you are Taken Out (knocked unconscious, bleeding out on the floor, in a fetal position in the corner, on the run from the law, etc.). Let’s say with our fully filled stress track we get tagged for 1 more stress. We can either get Taken Out, Concede, or (more likely) take a Trifling Consequence. A Trifling consequence absorbs 2 stress and we will call it “Exhausted”. Our unfortunate example character takes another 1 stress hit and, because the Trifling Consequence is already taken, we have to take a Middling Consequence (Bruised ribs) to cancel out the incoming stress.

Taken Out rules are on pg. 328. When you take stress and that stress rolls up (egads!) beyond your stress track and you either refuse to take a consequence or are unable to, you are “Taken Out”. Taken Out can mean a lot of things. It can mean lying broken on the ground bleeding out (physical). It can mean cowering in the corner in a fetal position (mental). It can mean you have become a social outcast (reputation). Getting taken out means that you don’t really get to have much input into what your opponent gets to do to you as you have fought to the bitter end. Which is why, before things get to this point, concessions are a good idea.

Concession rules are on pg. 329. Conceding a conflict means that you see the writing on the wall and you are pretty sure things are going to go south. Concession works in one of two ways. If you concede on your opponent’s turn you pay a fate point for each consequence you have (or al l of your Fate points remaining). If you concede on your own turn before you roll your dice you will receive a Fate Point for each consequence you have taken in the conflict. When you concede a conflict you are able to have input in how you concede. Regardless, concession should sting some. If you were swiping a temple statue the bad guys leave with it tucked under their arms. Concessions can happen at any time. Our first concession was the head honcho of the Triumverate who conceded instead of having you all blast her into itsy bitsy pieces. While she isn’t dead she is in a VERY BAD WAY. I think, dramatically, it works much better (and is much more interesting) than her just dying. Will she rise again? Perhaps. But you guys put an epic beat down on her and you all deserve to revel in that some.

Stress and Consequences

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