The Arboretum

The area behind [[Barlow’s Weaves & Garments | Barlow’s Weaves & Garments]] where William Barlow breeds silkworms and a variety of other plant life, including a very large, carnivorous plant that bleeds luminescent ichorous blue gel. Amidst the several very interesting species of plants were three new species of silkworm:

  1. Tyrranathia perrenia- Approximately translates to something similar to, “Returning terrors”
  2. Tyrranathia somnium – Approximately translates to something similar to, “Sleep terrors”. The thread from this worm is what is being implanted in people to control them.
  3. Desusomnia textoralis – This specimen is missing.


  1. So Hot in Here It’s Hard to Think
  2. Encased in Glass
  3. Industrial Mulcher

The Arboretum

The Harbinger and the Fountain mosswood17