Timeline of Events

The Timeline Of Events

Tuesday, September 5th, 1815

  • Lord Wadsworth Kenslington dies after being slightly ill for a few days.

Tuesday, September 12th, 1815

  • Souisse is contacted to look into the death of Daniel Dufrane, the French ambassador’s nephew. He has a vision of him killing a woman.
  • Stony Joe is asked to look into the Toffins, Gregory has killed his family and is killed by a cast iron pan.
  • Heading to the Rocky Knave, Yada, Stony Joe and Father Souisse meet for the first time.
  • Dana Nightingale direct them to Barlow’s Weaves & Garments
  • Gerard Couderc asks, via note, for help.
  • They meet Dana Nightengale. Souisse recognizes her from his vision as the woman he is killing.
  • They meet at Barlow’s later that night. They meet Scorn for the first time.
  • Fight the Carnivorous plant at the Arboretum
  • They find the variant species of Silkworms, one is missing.
  • Free Couderc and his family from the oppressive yoke of Dr. Sinclair.
  • Yada uses his Chi power and gets lost in the astral realm but manages to find his way home with the tender (and odd) ministrations of Hanli Barber, a fellow Kerberan.
  • Souisse is visited by The Courier, the Church wants an update.

Wednesday, September 13th, 1815

  • Father Souisse is told to kill the prostitute, Dana Nightengale and make it look like the Bethnal Green Butcher.
  • Mercair receives a mysterious letter at the East India docks from one who holds his oath. It instructs him to deliver a swath of cloth to William Barlow who will be attending a Ball that evening.
  • Inspector Marsh becomes a Kerberan.
  • They visit William Barlow’s home, he leaves an invitation to the Ball that evening and a dog leash on his dining room table.
  • In the real world the players track down the building that Yada saw in the Astral Plane, the London Municipal Waterworks. They confront an Implanted man who tells them to come back after hours or all the people here will die.
  • They confront Barlow at the Ball (Lady Lancastor is there). Yada sees a fragment of cloth that shows him destroying London.
  • Mearcair glamours Barlow and he scratches his eyes out (only his right eye)
  • Dr. Addington Cavindish is in the front room of the club and offers to help with the interrogation of William Barlow. He splices up a small girl but Barlow sings.
  • Barlow is octofied.
  • Father Souisse kills Dana Nightingale.
  • Mearcair and Yada stake out the Municipal Waterworks
  • Mearcair interrogates Barlow in the guise of Dr. Sinclair.

Thursday, September 14th, 1815

  • Souisse is accosted by a police inspector about a letter that implicates him in an assassination attempt on the queen. He is taken in for questioning and released rapidly by an Inspector Lionel Fenton.
  • The party Investigates the Kenslington Estate where Wadsworth Kenslington died the previous week. They find a land deed to the Old Priory near Hoffarth and a bible that looks to be of Templar origin. Lord Henry Tavlin called upon Kenslington to surrender the deed to the Old Priory.
  • Father Souisse investigates the room where Lord Kenslington stayed when ill. A book of French history (written in French) is defaced slightly.
  • Mearcair discovers that Lord Kenslington’s tomb is empty. He finds a portrait of Matthew Lancastor in Lady Lancastor’s luggage.
  • Mearcair investigates down by the docks for any mention of Lord Henry Tavlin. A dockworker saw him talking with a crew of decidedly Middle Eastern stock who brought him a parcel approximately a month ago.

Friday, September 15th, 1815

  • The fight with Dr. Sinclair at the Municipal Water Works
  • Dr. Cavindish saves the day by grounding out the device connecting Sinclair with all the implanted people.
  • Interrogates Barnaby Grieves, the fellow ridden by Sinclair for the last few years.

Saturday, September 16th, 1815

  • Father Souisse has a vision of Father Gloecker
  • Investigate and break into the Lancastor Estate. Find the shadow of the note in Matthew’s Office. Kerberos Club symbology bedecks the bookshelves.
  • North to Hoffarth to examine the Kenslington Priory
  • A disconcerting three creatures stalk the party, bearing a letter from Scorn.
  • Meet with the Demon Scorn and he tasks them to bring Edward Mooney back from the Twilight Lands.

Sunday, September 17th, 1815

  • Yada turns his sight on while going to mass with Father Souisse. Sees terrible things involving the Cardinal.
  • Souisse has a private meeting with the Cardinal, gets his blessing to embark on a quest for the child abducted.
  • Mearcair teaches the street urchins to pick pockets.
  • Stony Joe goes to church and does his morning constinutional.
    Vidal Nasseau examines the silkworms, one involves time, the other dreams.
  • Additional info about silkworms gained from Octo-Barlow
  • A summons by Lady Lancastor arrives requesting the Kerberans give her an audience.
  • A letter found in Matthew Lancastor’s study is read and reveals much.
  • Mearcair meets with the Wick and makes deals with him for Fae manure and the names of people who travelled to the Twilight lands and returned.
  • Meet with Lady Lancastor, she says a friend of hers saw Lord Wadsworth Kenslington alive in Holehaven 2 days after he supposedly died.
  • Sends the players to check on Lady Emily Hoight, also fallen ill and refusing a doctor’s care.
  • Visit to Lady Hoight, but she is missing! Found dead on the landing. Mearcair manages to poison himself accidentally by extracting liquid from her neck.
  • The body disappears en route to the laboratory for further study by Dr. Cavindish. The coffin broken and the back doors of the carriage splayed open.
  • Horace Bean, the undertaker, makes his first cameo.
  • Mearcair steals a sample of Stony Joe’s blood and receives the names of the people who returned alive from the Twilight Lands.

Monday, September 18th, 1815

  • The group stops by the Masonic Lodge to get an audience with Lord Henry Tavlin.
  • Yada sees a large number of spirits walking around in the flesh of people.
  • A man checks his watch and then explodes.
  • Yada sees all of this in a dream and gets to replay the scene. He feels the tug of Fate that tells him the bomb should go off. Yada defies fate and saves as many people as he can.
  • One of the men saved is named Bishan Sitha, a member of a cult that has pledged to to kill the dark Harbinger.
  • Head to Bethlam Hospital where Cavindish first discovers a man named Walter Lyons breaks out of Bethlam with a concoction only he knows about.
  • They speak with Timothy Edgehill, a man who came back from the Twilight Lands. He wants his brother, Edgar, killed. He will give information about him.
  • Stony Joe puts a fright into Merciless Ming to give him something that will get them through the Veil and into the Twilight Lands.
  • Cavindish concocts a chemical sniffer using a shark and two dogs to track down the chymical vapors Lyons is emitting to make his creations. They track him down to a warehouse and, though Lyons is not there, the warehouse is trapped with Teratomatic Gel.
  • The Chymical sniffer, given a bolstering injection by Cavindish, runs through the wall of the Warehouse and dives into the Thames.
  • Stony Joe punches through the chemicals upon the work bench and the acids turn his hands into ruby crystal.

Tuesday, September 19th, 1815

  • Bishan Sitha is revived after the explosion at the Masonic Lodge and talks about the four parts of a prophecy that surrounds the Harbinger: 1) The Veil Shall Be Pierced (thought to be Dr. Morgan’s Imprinted people), 2) A Portal Opens to the Past, 3)The Return of Leviathon, 4) Vengeance Shall Blind the Eyes of God.
  • Sitha is released and disappears into the London fog, vowing to destroy Yada.
  • Souisse visits with the Cardinal and is given great comfort in the midst of a crisis of faith. The Cardinal also gives him an ancient copper cross, and gives Souisse a book about the Twilight Lands.
  • Stony Joe’s new ruby fists he finds will set anything that he punches on fire.
  • Cavindish is called away as several lines of credit have opened up in his name.
  • Yada spots a glowing mark upon Lucien Brielle’s chest that disappears quickly.
  • The group travels to Holehaven and finds a man named Soloman Boothe who looks exactly like the man who exploded in the Masonic Lodge the previous day.
  • When Yada uses his vision he sees eyes peeking out of the clocks around Holehaven. There are lots of clocks.
  • They visit Boothe in his shop, bringing the watch from the Masonic explosion. Boothe mentions others and that they will meet the players tonight at Kismet Park.
  • The clocks around Kismet park run slightly behind the other clocks in town.
  • Yada sees the three things that were stalking them in Hoffarth walking down the street here in Holehaven. He engages them and is soundly defeated resulting in an explosion that kills many and wounds more.
  • The group meets Sebastian Booth at Kismet Park and he tells them a wide variety of things.
  • The group is attacked by the Cult of the Maranam. Only Mearcair is wounded significantly.
  • One of the attackers, who had his tongue cut out, is captured and “repaired” by Dr. Cavindish. He reveals more information to the players after he is taken back to the Kerberos Club.
  • The group attacks the Cult of the Maranam in their Church. Thought the battle goes badly, Yada unleashes a quake of Chi energy throwing him into the Astral Plane. The Cult is eliminated.
  • Yada crosses over and embraces the darkness within him.

Wednesday, September 20th ( here) and ( here)

  • A nightmare is heard about in two different areas of London: In the early mass of Father Souisse’s Church and from a street urchin under the protection of Mearcair.
  • The assault on the Crimson Grail occurs off shore with the aid of Dr. Cavindish’s ship, The Chaste Maiden.
  • The horrific cargo, two pregnant and quadruple amputee women are found to have reptilian fetuses in their bellies. One, Dorene, gives the party very important information.
  • Yada, with the goading of his inner demons, kills every last crew member of The Crimson Grail.
  • Mearcair confronts Yada, showing him the error of his ways. Yada relents and the group heads back to London.
  • Dr. Cavindish works long into the night dissecting the reptilian fetuses and crafts a helmet to detect Le Cameleon.

Thursday, September 21st ( here) and ( here)

  • Mearcair visits the Wick gaining a mysterious letter containing a list of names (mostly crossed out) sent to Le Cameleon from the mysterious D.H.
  • Arcabius Wren is queried about the names but says he cannot find connections between them all but does note that Samuel Bashcroft and Lara Nightingale are not of noble descent.
  • The group heads down to look at Bashcroft’s Books & Bindings, abandoned by its owner. They find the Ward in the lower floor with its twelve concentric circles. A bevvy of interesting books are found. Stony Joe’s flaming hands accidentally disengage one of the circles.
  • The group investigate Le Cameleon’s flat in Old London. Mearcair investigates from the air.
  • Returning to the Club, Arcabius Wren says that one of the books, “The Monastery and the Stream” is not written in any language spoken on Earth.
  • The group launches an assault on Le Cameleon’s house. Father Souisse gets beaten up by the house lady.
  • They find that Le Cameleon is going to be at a ball at the Tavlin Estate on Saturday. Le Cameleon also has a doll that belongs to Cavindish’s daughter, Victoria.
  • A note comes to Cavindish, apparently written in his own hand that tells him to look into the death of Duchess Peony Newton.

Friday, September 22nd, 1815 ( here) and ( here)

  • Cavindish fashions pigeon boy in an attempt to track his daughter, Victoria. The abomination leads him to a sequence of churches.
  • Lucien begs Souisse to help him clear his name. Souisse investigates the death of Lady Peony Newton leading to the discovery of His Majesty’s Private Cab Service.
  • Mearcair awaits the appointed ship that he was instructed to meet by the mysterious D.H. It is Art Cavindish, Dr. Cavindish’s eldest son. He travels to see the crater in Holehaven. Mearcair, sworn to secrecy, cannot speak to Dr. Cavindish about this development.
  • Father Souisse falls asleep and dreams of the cabin on the hillside. He awakens with an angelic script on his head which Rupert removes promptly. Something changes in Rupert.
  • Souisse gets drunk and causes a scene in the cafeteria.
  • Yada finds a dark tattoo of a web on his head but finds that it goes away when he meditates. The little girl he saw around the fountain after his transformation taunts him constantly now.
  • Yada sees Hanli Barber leaving. He says that he goes away because dark things are happening and he must ensure the survival of the Club. He tells Yada that Rupert is a construct and is a personification of the club itself.
  • Stony Joe sees the cabin on the hillside in a dream as well but does not enter.
  • Mearcair investigates down on the docks and hears about a large shipment of saltpeter that arrived for Henry Tavlin.
  • Mearcair heads up to the Tavlin estate but finds himself trapped in an iron cage. It’s almost like Tavlin knew he was coming…
  • Mearcair escapes but Tavlin tells him that the Templar are out to kill the Church.
  • Cavindish has the dream of the cabin on the hillside and enters the cabin. He awakens with the sigil on his hiead that he quickly removes and transplants it onto a lab specimen for further study.

Saturday, September 23rd, 1815 ( here) and ( here)

  • The group realizes that Tavlin plans to use the explosion that will occur at his estate to cover his tracks while making off with the last two names on the list found in Le Cameleon’s apartment, Lady Gwendolyn Broderick and Sir Julius Hadley.
  • Cavindish receives a letter from Le Cameleon to meet at Christ Church at 5pm.
  • Father Souisse signs the letter authorizing his use of His Majesty’s Private Cab Service.
  • They visit the Tavlin Estate and Yada tries to sneak inside. A small girl finds him in the Garden and hands him a letter that says if the group trespasses upon his Estate again that he will kill Victoria Cavindish.
  • Cavindish and Stony Joe head to Christ Church to meet with Le Cameleon.
  • The rest of the group head back to the Club and meet one of the newer members, a barber named Devlin.
  • Cavindish and Stony Joe reach Christ Church and talk with the old priest there and a bomb explodes. Cavindish is seen fleeing the scene. They advance to the next church (the same order that the bird boy abomination went in). Le Cameleon directs them to the next church, St. Anne’s.
  • The rest of the group kidnap the two young lovers, Julius Hadley and Gwendolyn Broderick to keep them safe.
  • One of the Triumverate is seen watching Hadley’s estate.
  • Cavindish and Stony Joe skip ahead to St. Paul’s, leaving St. Anne’s to detonate. They see the woman who attacked Father Souisse fleeing in a carriage. Cavindish pursues, Stony Joe stays behind to empty the Church. He winds up pulling most of it down around him!
  • Cavindish fights with the Cameleon’s “housekeeper” and brings her and her cronies to toe with the help of his sewer-bound abominations.
  • The rest of the group takes the young, kidnapped couple with them to a country estate owned by Devlin, Longshadow Glen, and wait for whatever will come.
  • The entire party meet up at Longshadow Glen (ending on Davids Slay a Goliath).

Timeline of Events

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